Obsidian Wine Club
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Welcome to the Obsidian Wine Club.

To get three bottles in every shipment, join the Friend of Obsidian. To get six bottles in every shipment, join the Obsidiando.

- Discounts on Wine - 10% Friends of Obsidian - 15% Obsidianado
- First offer on our library wines and limited-release wines
- First offer on new vintages

NEXT SHIPMENT: Monday 12th August 2024, payments will be processed on Monday 5th August 2024

Contents of the next case are still yet to be determined, the options below relate to the cost and selection from our April cases.
Membership Options
Choose which quantity of wine you wish to commit to three times a year.
3 Bottles - Friend of Obsidian
6 Bottles - Obsidianado
Terms and Conditions
•*Price applies to the current pack (or previous pack if a pack is not currently active) and excludes shipping. Prices for future packs will be visible by viewing your account page (under Club Memberships) when the pack is added. They will also be included in email correspondence for the wine club pack.
•Upon signing up to a wine club check to see if a club pack is due to be shipped in the account section. Once a pack has been created we will provide information at the top of this page for it's billing date. Emails are sent at set intervals, 2 weeks prior and 2 days prior to billing. If you sign up after an email date you will not receive this email. You will be billed at no notice if you sign up after the 2 day prior to billing email is sent.
•You may skip a shipment or cancel a shipment prior to the billing date to avoid being charged automatically.
•We will likely, but are not required to, provide the option to make slight changes to the wine club box. This has been in the form of a red only pack in prior shipments where white wine can be swapped for red. These swaps will be available for specific wines, we cannot guarantee all wines will be possible to swap. Any swaps and customisations can be made from the time the wine shipment goes live until the billing date.
•You are responsible for updating your information through our online account system or contacting us (09 372 6100, [email protected]) for any updates. We cannot guarantee that shipping address updates after billing and before shipment will be able to be applied.
•Updates to wine club option (upgrades, downgrades, cancellations) must be made prior to billing date. No refunds will be made to rectify incorrect club information.
•We have endeavoured to ensure emails do not arrive in a junk mailbox. The same email system used to activate your account is used for the official reminder emails for wine club. Please let us know on sign up if your account confirmation email has arrived in junk. Signing up at our cellar door you will be required to check a box which confirms you will check your junk. We will send our newsletter through a separate system, unless you opt out, which will also provide notice on wine club shipments.
•Billing will occur at 10:00am (New Zealand Time) on the billing date. We are not responsible for any fees which your bank charges.
•We do not ship overseas. Please visit www.winecollective.direct/region/waiheke-island/obsidian/wines to purchase wine in select international markets.
Please confirm you are 18 years old or older